A Rush of Imagination

A Rush of Imagination

"I sat at the table. And I let my mind sprint. For once, instead of focusing, I let my imagination diverge. What I felt was a running train of objects and shapes." 

Lokait Doodle Sneakers

"I caught them as fleeting snapshots, drawing them as I registered them in my mind. Crafting together a collage that had 73 different shapes packed without a single unintentional space in between took much more time and detailing. It was an immense yet fun wrestling match with my own mind." - Shantanu, Artist.

This work had the look of a naked fantasy clock, only much more quirky and complex. Shantanu's work was entirely hand-crafted. The LOKAIT Team put a lot of thought while digitizing it, retaining its entire madness and beauty. These Gorgeous Sneakers are coming this May. 

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