About Us

Our Team

We are a team of shoe makers. We research through materials, use cases, styling and comfort to come up with sneakers that are exceptional yet wearable.  We take care that your product gets delivered on time, that all your concerns about buying and paying safely online are addressed. Give us a call or email us.


#101, Sree Datta Sai, 4th Main,

HBR Layout, Bangalore 560043

Phone  +91-6363383857, admin@lokait.com


Our sneakers are low ankle cut, made with premium fabrics and prints. Colors, prints and art concepts are considered over and over again until we are confident the final product will be exceptional. 


We pay attention not only to the uniqueness of colors and designs, but to quality as well. From the spacing between stitches to shoe cut and shape accuracy within a few millimeters, we have taken precision manufacturing very seriously. Upper materials, inner lining, cushioned insoles and outsoles - nothing is second class. Our outsoles are both glued and stitched to the upper for extra durability.

We are a human company

We talk to our customers and try to resolve their problems the best way we can. The size you ordered does not fit you? Your order delivery seems to be delayed? Talk to us. We are available over email and phone. This is not a company running on automated messaging and automated emails. There's a human sitting behind a computer, checking emails, watching out for your problems.