Customer Care

Talk to us

We have a very simple customer care policy. We talk and listen to you. Call or email us, for all issues, questions, payments, exchanges and anything else we haven't imagined yet. 

Phone/Whatsapp - +91-6363383857   Email -

There may be times when we are talking to someone else when you call. Well, don't worry. Drop us a mail, or ping us in Instagram messaging.

At the core of our customer care methods is the fact that we are a very human company. Today's e-commerce world has become highly automated. You end up dealing with or speaking to a machine most of the time. We like to talk to folks, even if the call is not from a confirmed customer. Wondering how a particular sneaker design would go with your unworldly color jeans? Wondering what happened to the shipment that did not reach you on time? Your feet are 13.25 cm in length, what size should you order? Oops, the size ordered doesn't fit you! Call or email us.