An Artist Talks with Color

When Vivek first started creating his artwork for LOKAIT sneakers, he thought about form and complexity and canvas coverage. And then he settled on color. He said, "You might be in a congested city with a motor vehicle blasting a horn 5 feet from you, with smoke and busy people running for the struggle (and joy) called life, but what prevents us from imagining the sun, and the blue sea, and the wind and the sand? Right there, in the midst of the cacophony of human civilization, let's take a mind world tour !"

That's where he came with a design that takes you to the beach, to a long drive, to the open skies - blue; sand-sun brown, and classic white. With an unlikely combination of an industrial design background, and an artist at heart, Vivek likes to communicate in minimalist imagery. Hence, came in a concept of communicating the simplicity of life. "A Bright Day" are a limited edition set of sneakers. Check them out by clicking at the picture.


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Great job. Keep it up.

sunil gaikwad

You are awesome da!! always inspired from you…keep it up..

Milind Borole

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