Practical Sneaker Styles this Fall and Winter

Practical Sneaker Styles this Fall and Winter

Winters vary in intensity around the world. There's severe cold in most of Europe while mostly pleasant temperatures in middle and southern Asia. At the same hour, Berlin and Bangkok may be two completely different worlds. And Bombay and Beijing too. Footwear trends change with seasons. So, let's lose the sandals and the flip-flops for a while, and look into some street wear percolating from New York, LA, Paris. One disclaimer here though - the global consumer has gotten smarter with time. We, the people, don't copy shit just because it has a NY or Paris stamp. We accept stuff if it's practical for the occasion and the season and the geography.

We are going to leave the "10 Fashion Trends..." tagline with the cat and get into some sneaker styles that can excite the street strutting dude or dudette, both from practical and aesthetic angles.

The Heavy Duty Laceup Sneaker

No, we aren't talking about Bella Hadid's foam soled, soft feel trainers. We are talking about the dude behind her, running with a camera-looking thing. Those are some practical sneakers, made for the streets. Takes stress, holds up shape. Let's tell you from our experience - the classic sneaker of this type can range from dyed Italian leather upper and the respected Margom sole to the more hip canvas and vulcanized rubber combination, and can cost from $300 down to $50. Unruffled and classy, offers choices in plain or multi-color. The picture is summery, the shoes are for all seasons.


The Slipon

This classic silhouette is making a comeback in the west, and is a good choice for mild to medium winters. Some padding in the heel is preferable for warmth and snugness. Another thing about slipons - you can take them off easily at regular intervals of time. Have you noticed how feet smell worse in winters than in summers (whereas we sweat more in summers, so it should have been the other way around!). It's because we keep our feet inside shoes much longer during the winter. Again, available in plain colors and artistic prints, these sneakers can leave boring out in the cold.



The Printed Sneaker

The printed sneaker is a vibrant entrant in the street wear list. Skinny jeans or thermals, your winter legs need an artistic companion to go with your pants. Also, winters can be bleak, both in the trees and in the sky; you can't afford to wear dull sneakers. And contrary to popular belief, its not just canvas that can be printed. A variety of faux and real leather and polymer based fabrics also come in beautiful prints.


The High Top

The high top is the most obvious among the practical options this winter. But, it gets lower down in the preference order primarily because it is the most common choice. Nothing shocking, mostly understated and uniformly adopted during the winter. But hey, "understated and common" can be cool if you know how to pull it off. Get some frayed jeans, tuck in the bottom of the jeans inside the lining of the high ankle of the shoe, and you are good to show the world that you have run out of fucks to give. In a polite way, of course.

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