Embrace the Chaos

Embrace the Chaos

Artist Aditya loves creating works that have different layers of interpretation. His "ChessMess" design is a work that looks like a classic check pattern at first sight, then graduates into an arrangement of Chess pieces, Bishops, Rooks, Knights. It is an interesting piece of work, you have to focus on the color arrangement to spot the check pattern, and totally ignore the color and look at the form instead to see the chess pieces pop out. Plays with your mind a little bit.


On LOKAIT Sneakers, this work has its own story to tell. Aditya's thought goes as - "There is something of the regular and the irregular, glimpses of a plan, yet presence of chaos. In the end, when you understand the design, you read the artist's mind and all the pieces fall together as a visual story!"


The ChessMess Sneakers are part of our new Spring Collection. With high quality materials and design precision used all along the way, this release is a truly limited edition collection of art.

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