I believe in Artivism

I believe in Artivism

"My doodles are like fragments of a map that show how my mind works, they are a representation of my subconscious. I am passionate about using art for social good and believe in Artivism - a combination Art and Activism. Every illustration I make aims to have a moral, a message linked to it that is capable of driving social change and awareness." - young Artist Kaanchi.

"I have grown up dark-skinned in a color-conscious land, I know what color discrimination feels like. I made this drawing on the occasion of United Nations Zero Discrimination Day to support diversity, tolerance and inclusion. This illustration, with faces on a butterfly, depicts that all  complexions are equal and hence should be given the same opportunities, respect and love. Lokait has provided a powerful and fun platform for artists to communicate through their works. If you can draw out a thought, why not wear it also!"

What Kaanchi feels resonates directly with Lokait's core principles of human value. We love art, and we love all colors. These proud sneakers are coming soon as part of a collection that promises to be as philosophical as it is beautiful. Come forth with your art, it is a powerful medium!

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Well done Kaanchi ! Proud of you ! Would love to wear such sneakers which depict colour equalty ! ????

Rekha Chopra

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