Pathways of Venice

Pathways of Venice

Daneil Ozynka is of Finnish descent, but migrated to Carpi, Italy with his family when he was still a child. "I grew up in a semi-town, where motorcars were not the latest models, the people in no terrible hurry." Daneil's interest in hand sketches started early, there were enough semi-urban visuals for him from town houses to small lakes to pique his imagination to sketch in his native Carpi. He has been to Venice only three times before he thought of creating something for LOKAIT. Starting with a very unconventional concept for sneakers, in his fourth visit, Daneil spent time in the canals and pathways to sketch the concept of the Venetian life that makes the place so beautiful. And then segregated the work in grey and off-white.

Interestingly, there are as many foot pathways as there are canals in Venice, and boats or gondolas are not the only primary means of transport, cycles are also quite abundant. Similar is his observation over his visits to Prague and Amsterdam - a lot of reserved cycle lanes and cobbled, medieval looking roads. In the limited edition design "Pathways of Venice", we bring the spirit that Daneil has spent hours sketching, sitting in front of his subject - the city of Venice itself. 

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